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‎AWSary is the ultimate resource for AWS Cloud Consultants, students, and anyone looking to stay up-to-date with AWS services. With this app, you’ll have access to a comprehensive AWS dictionary, allowing you to easily search and learn about various AWS services. With this app, you’ll have access t…
Release v1.3.0 · AWSary/AWSary-iOS
New Features You can now enable a label bellow the service logo, making your AWS Architecture Diagrams more readable.Also added Polly reading out AWS service names, because why not ?

Major update to the App, I've been working on how to get compressed icons (smaller app footprint) without loss of image quality, I also fine-tuned the icon sizes once dragged into a diagram before the images were too big.

On top of that now there is a toggle in settings that allows you to label the icons with the service name on your diagrams to make your diagrams more readable, see the example image below:

This was not an easy task but the result is just awesome.

I also added Amazon Polly to pronounce the service names, it is much better than I expected, congrats to Polly for the great pronunciation, please try it yourself in the App.

By the way, these Polly audio files are being served by AWS S3 with CloudFront CDN and it works like a charm.