This year on Cloud Experience Portugal, I was invited by AWS to step up on the stage and talk about AWS cloud in my carrier, in Portuguese 🥳

When looking back, I realized what a journey has been. From casual running some virtual machines on ec2 to being a Champion AAI and an AWS User Group Leader, a Community Builder, and dreaming I will eventually join the Heros group (one can dream).

Actually what I like the most about my career is that is full of stories about how "it's not a zero-sum game", we can grow by helping others to grow as well. I love to share my knowledge and experiences, with friends, colleagues, clients, with strangers. Just ask me something and I will do my best to help you out.

I love these blurry pictures, because they tell a story, a story of someone that was using the same tool to solve all the problems, and now, with AWS have a big toolbox to use specialized tools to solve each problem.

I love how things sometimes deviate from the perfect project and you are in firefighter mode, but even so, you can leverage the expertise of the cloud providers to add value to your business and solve clients' problems.

I can't wait for the Cloud Experience Portugal 2024, to listen to other's stories and learn from them, but also connect and accelerate the ones that are just getting started.