Create your Habits

Create your habits and become the person you wanna be.

I'm 32, never run before and started from a day to another!

We are habits animals and consciously or not, we tend to transform any repetitive task into a habit.

When it comes to day-to-day tasks, I've always felt a bit nerd since I use to do mental systems to how to do things, and inevitably tweak them little by little to find the best path to do it effectively and efficiently.

I even have a system to dry myself when I come out of the bath or to brush my teeth.

I think I have always been a bit conscious about my habits but never been consciously creating new ones.

Recently I've got the book So Good that they can't Ignore you that I highly recommend.

It helps you think proactively about your habits and how to deliberately practice them to create habits you are prouder about.

  • Define an objective
  • Find a simple task that you can do repeatedly to achieve your objectives
  • Commit to doing it by starting today
  • Do it, just before, or after a habit you already have
  • Reward yourself for doing it


  • Be healthier
  • Start running
  • Get out and do it, if you can't run, walk, try some sprints, push yourself and remember the harder it is for you today, the easier it will be tomorrow
  • I do it before lunch since I can go home take a shower and lunch before going back to work.
  • Grab some reward, even if it is a snack or a chocolate, I don't care about losing calories at the beginning, I care about creating a habit, and reward myself for doing it, then, later on, I can remove the reward because doing this great habit is a reward in itself.

I'm creating new habits for myself and hope you start creating yours today.

Feel free to email me with your new habit.

Create your Habits
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