Xiaomi have great routers at amazing prices that offer an excellent WiFi coverage and many powerful options. Here I share the English translation for macOS companion App.

I have a MiWiFi NAS, that I use as my home router. It has a great WiFi coverage merging 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz networks with the same name and also allow for easy Guest network with sandboxing and ability does traffic shaping.

The Guest network can be turned On/Off by the iOS (there's also an Android version) app.

My version is the R2D, 1TB storage, and 1Gb WAN, which is a great option to replace my ISP Router, to make use of my 200/10Mb Internet, giving the ability to fully use my network over 5Ghz WiFi, and also make use of the Router download manager.

Router Download Manager

This Xiaomi comes with on router Download manager, great to download big files when you are out of home for later use, or even if you want to add a torrent or magnet link to get that Linux distro that you want to watch before going to bed every Friday. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Download Manager comes with iOS (and Android) client, but also with a macOS client that let you simply copy past a magnet link to start a download instantly even if you are away from your router (ex. at work).


You can find the native macOS client in MiWiFi website.
It lets you see the status of the files being downloaded to your Router and add more files or manage them.
It works on the local network but also remotely, so you can control your home Router even out of the home, like at work.

English translation

The macOS companion App was all in Chinese so used google translate (I don't know Mandarin) and translated it myself. After that, I tweaked the translation manually to make more sense.

Here it is the translations files so you can taste it use it in English too.

Download Xiaomi Millet macOS English translation files

Please before use it, extract and inspect the content of the files to make sure I'm not doing anything nasty.

Place it inside /Applications/
It should look like this after you extract the zip

Relaunch the app and you are ready to go.

The Xiaomi router itself

The Router works great, never crashed on me so far, its fast even when heavy used by multiple devices and offer DNLA, allows to change DNS client (that allows you to change DNS of all your network without the need to configure any of your devices), and even works as a Time Machine Capsule for your Mac backups.

If you are interested in buying a Xiaomi Router, you can get yours at AliExpress. I was not sponsored but have had great experiences with GearBest, the prices are almost always the best you can find, even comparing with Aliexpress and the shipment is much faster and customer support is much better.

PS - The R2D is not for sale anymore, and I didn't have the opportunity to test the other versions, but I'm a big fan of the Xiaomi's products in general and from my experience, you will for sure like them too.