Half-baked is always better than perfectly planned.

This can be a half-post (15 minutes actually) , but at least it is half-baked. I have a lot of drafts on my blog but none of them have come to published because they were half-baked.

It's nonsense to try to make perfect things. If you always aim for perfection you start doing nothing and just procrastinate.

So get out, break the task into smaller chunks and start ticking that "Done" box one after another. You will get an amazing accomplishment feeling that will fuel the next one.

Even more important, once it becomes something real, you will understand it even better and you can start from scratch or improve it in the right way, something that is much harder or even impossible to do when it's just a plan.

There's always room for improvement, so if you nail it with half-done, you will only get it better once you apply more resources (time, money, effort) to improve it.

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