It's time for a restart.

I've tried to blog a few times but sooner than I expect, I stop.

It's time to give it a new try.

The reason I want to blog is because I get so much from the internet, so much from other person's blogs, that I want to give back. I want to help other too and I feel the obligation to get this habit.

I'm also selfish (as everyone) and I want to leverage my skills.

The best way to leverage your skills is to practice and put yourself in the spotlights.

So, I've updated my blog and converted my old Wordpress to Ghost, because it's cleaner and more content focused.

I will also give it a try to Markdown and to write in English. (I know my English isn't great but how can I improve it if I don't practice?) Also, this way, if I write anything useful, it can be useful for a larger audience.

Let's see how it goes from now on.

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