Live Cheaper

We all want to live cheaper, but only if it doesn't impact your quality of life.

Don't be a miser

I'm not an ambassador for misers, after all, you can always make more money, you can only save as much as you make. That's one of the multiple things I've learned with Ramit and his awesome products.

You can and should indeed use wisely your money, cutting on what is waste to apply it to what makes you happy now or in the future (invest).

Being LEAN

Being LEAN is all about finding and cutting on waste, and there's a lot we can all learn and apply to our business but also to our personal lives.

Once you start doing it, it becomes natural and like other habits, you start doing it without realizing. Its only good not only for your wallet but it is also fun (almost a game).

You can find waste in your lives in multiple forms:

  • In time (things you can automate or outsource)
  • In movement (sometimes we really don't need to commute)
  • Energy (electric but also biological)
  • (...)
  • In resources (we use more then we need)

Here is where I want you to focus first. It's very easy to find waste in resources and improve immediately.

You don't need that much food, detergent, toothpaste, shower gel or anything else.

Use fewer

Instead of using your energy looking to buy cheaper, sometimes even wasting petrol to and time to go buy something here, other things there to save 5% or 10%.

You can easily use fewer and save a larger amount, keep the same quality of life or even improve it, since you have fewer chemicals inside you and surrounding you, or eat less helping your body take care of excesses.

Sometimes you can even completely eliminate. Try using the 5 Whys technique.

Live Greener

Doing so, you also reduce your carbon footprint, consuming fewer resources from our planet, not only in the number of products, but also the energy used to produce, package, transport, and process the waste it produces after use.

Did think about this before?
Consider putting a Post-it on your fridge or desk at work (or even a virtual stick note on your desktop) and leave it for a week somewhere you see it multiple times a day.

Live Cheaper, Live Greener

I would love to hear your results and even update this post with testimonials of the best ones, mail me.